About Us

Established in 1995, Awash has become popular with local Ethiopian expatriates and is frequented by the New Yorkers. Our menu includes a selection of Ethiopian entrees, vegetarian, beef, lamb and poultry dishes. Our Chefs and a caring staff oversee your meal from start to finish assuring your every need is satisfied.

We also cater for all occasions at a discount price.

Owner Bogolech Marrero named her restaurant after the Awash River, a tributary of the Blue Nile. She explained that she always crosses the Awash as she nears home on her trips back to Ethiopia. During a brief visit to New York this February, I decided to stop in for a glass of tej , that wonderful honey wine that warms you on even a chill New York winter night, plus some injera and stews.

Eventually, though, you begin to notice subtle differences among the restaurants. Awash, a small but crowded restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue near 109th Street, excels at both vegetarian dishes and at kitfo, a raw beef delicacy invariably referred to as Ethiopian steak tartare.